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About Susan

Susan Stegmeyer,  a professional freelance trainer and instructor, has had a passion and love for horses that has lasted since age seven. Her very first horse was an Arabian Stallion that she won at the The National Horse Show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden at age 18.This would be the first of many horses that she would learn to train. Since this horse she has owned a Thoroughbred, Hanoverian, Trakehner, and has trained all breeds from a Friesian to a Fjord. She feels you can bring out the best in all breeds with dressage training and will work with any horses her clients own.

Today she makes her home in Blooming Grove,  New York.  This quaint town is located in the heart of New York's Hudson Valley and  provides Kingdom Keys Dressage with easy access to many of the tri-state area's finest equestrian facilities.


Susan is never at a loss to find different exercises and ways to get her training point across. She only has to think back to the hundreds of lessons and clinics she has attended. Knowing that FEEL at times is a hard thing to teach, she enjoys the challenges some of her students present to her, both young and old alike. She taps into the “Best Of” all the lessons she has had. The following list are some of the instructors and clinicians that she has taken lessons with, ridden in their clinics, or just audited them. Tiné Zinglerson, Wesley Dunham, Alfredo Hernandez, Nicole Uphoff, Christopher Bartle, Jane Savoy, Lisa Wilcox, Ingrid Klimke, Robert Dover, Debbie McDonald, Carol Lavell, Lendon Gray, Hank Von Bergen, Dominique Barbier, Monty Roberts, Tom Noone, Karen Rohlf, Dr. Cesar Parra, Ron Postlieb, Paul Belasik, Jan Brons, Gunnar Ostergaard, Captain Mark Phillips, Becky Langwost, Katja Eilers, John MacPherson, Major Lindgren, Herr Rattnetter (Spanish Riding School),Sandra Hotz, Britta Johnson, Margaret Boyce, Siegfried Winkler, Darlene Wilcox, Debbie Wilcox, Pamela Goodrich, Sherry Ackerman, Terry Stryker, Donal Eagan, Max Gayweiler, Anne Guptill, Gerd Heuschman, Klaus Balkenhol, Colonel Christian Carde, Carol Seaman, Andreas Helgstrand and lastly Doreen Meckus 

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