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Dressage Lessons

As a freelance trainer, Susan is available for Clinics or private lessons throughout the tri-state area.  With Dressage as the foundation for her teaching, she also offers instruction in Equitation, Three-Phase Eventing, Side Saddle and Hunters. Focusing mostly on the adult amateur, she is passionate about a training pyramid once found in a Dressage Today Magazine as the essence of her training method. Relaxation, Balance, and Rhythm are at the base of everything she teaches for horse and rider. She also believes there are no "bad horses" just "bad balance", and she teaches the timing and effectiveness of the "riding aids" to create a happy balanced horse. For those without a horse but with the ability to walk, trot, and canter with some skill, she offers her 29 year old Prix St George schoolmaster Guarded Jewel to lesson on. Please contact Susan for current prices.

Kingdom Keys Dressage Training Pyramid
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