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Teaching Philosophy

These days, there are seemingly endless options available for learning to ride. Books, DVD's, information on the Internet ... all of these are helpful and certainly have their place. However, to fast track your ability to improve the relationship between you and your horse and take your riding to the "next level" nothing beats lessons given one-on-one with an experienced teacher.

I accept students who have progressed beyond the basic skills of walk, trot, and canter and of course, work with advanced students who are looking to expand their skills and riding ability. I strive to provide an alternative to the cookie-cutter approach used in some teaching methodologies. In doing so, I focus first on troubleshooting any deficiencies or gaps in technique. Once a solid foundation has been established, I work with each student and horse to create a unique course of study that carefully considers who they are, what goals they have, how they learn, and whatever unique challenges that may arise during the learning process.

My goal always is to empower the rider to train the horse they ride to be more beautiful, balanced and obedient. Lessons are available in forty-minute or one-hour formats and can be scheduled on either a regular weekly or ‘as needed’ basis.

My responsibility is to make these lessons valuable and as much fun for you as I possibly can! Please drop me a note using the form on the CONTACT page so that we can begin a discussion concerning your needs and goals and to set up a time to get going!

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